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The love letter, Rachel Hauck - paperback

1781: Hamilton Lightfoot witnessed the death of his family at the hands of redcoats, and fears he'll fight for revenge instead of honor. He pens a letter to Esther Longfellow; they're in love, but her father is a loyalist, living in upcountry South Carolina and working for a wealthy British lord. Present: Chloe Daschle is the queen of death scenes; trying to break out, she accepts a supporting role in a revolutionary war film. After a life-changing tragedy, Jesse Gates moves to LA to try his hand at acting and screenwriting. When he finds a page from one of his ancestor's letters, he writes and sells a screenplay based on the events surrounding the lost love of previous generations. The letter from the past might have more power to affect the future than anyone could imagine. -- Adapted from publisher info
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342 pages, 22 cm

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