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Cape May hydrangeas, Claudia Vance - trade paperback

The birds are chirping, the flowers are blooming, and late spring has filled Cape May with beauty. Margaret and Dave search for a new house and quickly realize it's not going to be easy to find something they love. Donna, done with school and work for the summer, is persuaded into taking over Dale's funnel cake cart on the Wildwood Boardwalk--and it's nothing like she expected. Meanwhile, Dale has found the perfect spot for his new Cape May restaurant, but he isn't exactly forthright with the people closest to him about the location. Sarah helps Chris out with the birding boat tours and quickly discovers it'll take a little time to acquire her sea legs. Greg happily takes over Margaret and Dave's gardens on his property and soon discovers Liz isn't as eager as he is to get her hands dirty. Judy and Bob check out the nearest drive-in movie theater for nostalgia's sake, which prompts Bob to figure out a way to bring it closer to home. In Book 10 of the Cape May Series, follow along as warmer months approach and exciting changes happen in Cape May. This is Book 10 in the Cape May series. It is recommended to start at Book 1, The Cape May Garden
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114 pages, 21 cm.

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