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Change your brain every day, simple daily practices to strengthen your mind, memory, moods, focus, energy, habits, and relationships, #1 New York times bestselling author Daniel G. Amen, MD - hardcover

With a page for each day of the year-- 366 motivations, exercises, and strategies-- Amen helps you manage your mind to support your happiness, inner peace, and success. You can literally change your brain, and when you do, you change your life. Learning to love and care for your brain will help you decrease your stress, improve your relationships, and prevent you fro becoming a burden to those you love. -- adapted from jacket and perusal of book
Table Of Contents
Introduction -- Bright minds -- Brain typing -- Building brain skills -- Relationships and the brain -- Practical neuroscience -- Nutrition -- Taming the dragons from the past -- Happiness -- The chemicals of happiness -- A new 12-step brain-based addiction recovery program - Eliminating bad habits -- Outfox the scheming dragons -- ADD/ADHD and more -- Conclusions
Literary Form
non fiction
Physical Description
398 pages, illustrations, 24 cm

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