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Who will take care of me when I'm old?, plan now to safeguard your health and happiness in old age, Joy Loverde - paperback

Table Of Contents
Part one. Personal readiness -- Meet your future self: discovering who you have yet to become -- Good-bye change, hello transition: meeting the unknowns of old age head on -- Think like a strategist: mastering critical thinking -- You are tougher than you look: thriving in times of uncertainty -- The fierce urgency of money: staying afloat financially -- Part two. Where you live matters -- Aging in place alone--what you need to know: averting the risks of aging home alone -- Bring livability home: establishing equity, health, and safety for all -- Moving on: determining optimal housing options -- Part three. Ties that bind -- The broken hearts club: accepting relationships as moving targets -- Zero isolation: foraging for family -- Love is love: pets are family, too: adopting a pet for two-way love and caring -- Part four. Safety nets -- Doctor me: reframing sickness and health -- Chronic illness: the game changer: repairing holes in your safety net -- Early-onset Alzheimer's: the value of knowing: preparing for the day you hope will never come -- Part five. No tomorrow -- "Just shoot me" is not a plan: learning lessons from aging -- Places to go and things to do: facing to be and not to be -- Cross it off your list
Literary Form
non fiction
First edition
Physical Description
xviii, 313 pages, 24 cm

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