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Be calm, proven techniques to stop anxiety now, Jill P. Weber, PhD

If you suffer from anxiety you're not alone--like 40 million Americans, you know symptoms can strike anytime, anywhere. Relief is here. Be Calm targets symptoms wherever they strike with cutting-edge techniques that help you reduce anxiety on the spot. This book is both a handy resource for stress management and a close look into the causes of anxiety. Evidence-based strategies show you how to control a variety of symptoms in lots of different circumstances. With Be Calm, you're always prepared. -- cover
Table Of Contents
Is anxiety running your life? -- Section I: Feelings. Your emotions ; Your body & physical sensations ; Putting the tools to work -- Section II: Behavior. Avoidance & escape ; Acceptance & approach ; Putting the tools to work -- Section III: Thoughts. Thoughts vs. reality ; Getting unstuck from thoughts ; Putting the tools to work -- Section IV: Staying on track. The road ahead ; Building your support network
Literary Form
non fiction
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xi, 248 pages, 21 cm

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