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Racism, by Emilie Dufresne - paperback

Racism is a complex issue that still affects many in the diverse United States and world. This book helps readers understand this problem from the roots of racial identities to what is being done today to stand up to racism and help people affected by it. Vibrant photographs, diagrams, and a timeline of the U.S. civil rights movement enhance the approachable text. This book helps students understand the progress that's been made to fight racism. They will analyze the steps that still need to be taken. Equipped with this knowledge, readers will feel inspired and empowered to build more compassionate and accepting communities
Table Of Contents
What is race? -- Discrimination and prejudice -- What is racism? -- Why are people racist? -- Recognizing racism -- How does racism make people feel? -- How can we talk about race? -- Racism in the last century -- Racism today -- Things to improve -- What can we do to help? -- Case study: aboriginal people -- Activities -- Campaigns
Literary Form
non fiction
Includes index
Physical Description
32 pages, colour illustrations, 23 cm

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